About Us

Nicer is a Canadian based technology company that provides applications over an IP network. Nicer’s customers could be any city in the world, placing and receiving calls fro a Vancouver (604) phone number. Nicer is and emerging company taking advantage of improving tehnology to remove the basic myths regarding VoIP telecommunications.

Nicer provides voice service by signing up subscribes via the Web, at retail outlets and through channel partners. The residential or business customer receives a NICER VOICE GATEWAY (“GLOPEX”) or a USB phone set. Simply plug the router into a DSL or cable modem, connect an Ethernet cord to the gateway or USB phone, pick up the phone handset and they will obtain a dial tone from Nicer’s server for calls to North America or Asia.

  Paul Chen-President and Director
Mr. Chen is the founder and President of the Company. He holds numerous authorizations in various aspects of computer and communication solutions. Paul has more than 10 years of experience in the design and implementation for computer networks. This led him to develop the company's convergent technologies to next generation networks.
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